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Therapy for People with Toxic Parents

Toxic parents come in different varieties:
  • Harsh, judgmental, or demanding
  • Addicted or unavailable
  • Kind but ineffective
If you had (or still have) toxic parents, you may feel responsible for other peoples' feelings. You may believe you are only lovable or valuable for what you do (instead of who you are). You may pressure yourself to be a good person by pleasing others at your own expense. You may be perfectionistic, expecting to excel at tasks you haven't had a chance to master. Your inner critic may be relentless.

Therapy can teach you how to give yourself the understanding and acceptance you've always needed. You can learn to take care of yourself abundantly without guilt or shame. You can learn to set firm but kind boundaries with parents, siblings, or anyone who demands your time (tolerating their anger or disappointment without giving in). Then you can focus on building a life free of drama and full of peace.

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